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ecmonitorIoT Sensor Cloud Solution

ecMonitor IoT platform collects all kinds of IoT sensors including LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Zigbee, WiFi, 3G, etc. and provides your data anywhere instantly!


Collect data from different sensors to Cloud


View sensor data instantly from Data, Graphics, Map Views


User-defined alerts provide proactive monitoring


Historical data reports, analysis reports, big data reports increase KPIs

ectrakAsset Management Cloud Platform

ecTrak® not only enables to track and trace your fleets/assets easily and fast, but also helps to improve your business KPIs!


Collect both in-door and out-door location data from your fleets/assets


Monitor large fleets/assets display in one map with fast graphic display


Reports help to understand your fleets/assets movement and usage


Big data analysis tools help to improve your business KPIs

Our IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions

Smart Facility Management
Facility Management_EN

The IoT (Internet of Things) enables proactive facility management. Learn more…

Smart Cold Chain Monitoring
Cold Chain_EN

The IoT (Internet of Things) enabling continue real-time cold chain visibility. Learn more…

Smart Facility Room Monitoring
Smart Facility Room Management

The IoT (Internet of Things) enabled smart environment monitor for facility rooms. Learn more…

Smart people tracking in construction site
People Tracking_EN

The IoT (Internet of Things) enables people tracking in improving workplace safety for construction industry. Learn more…

Smart recycle bin collection
Recycle bin_EN

The IoT (Internet of Things) enables smart recycle bin collection process. Learn more…

Smart Container Terminal Monitoring

Applying IoT (Internet of Things) to container terminal operation. Learn more…

Why Choose Us?
There are so many reasons that is hard to list them all!
Easy to Setup and Use

Our hardware can be set up easily and our intuitive interface makes managing your system a snap!

Low Cost

We offer low cost of hardware and cloud platform for your business to start to use IoT.

Cloud based & Big Data

Our IoT solutions all are Cloud based platform, support big data analysis and instant messaging.

Variety of Sensors

We support variety of sensors and more development all the time.

Technology Breakthrough

No matter you are using NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, WiFi, 3G, communication.


Our IoT solutions combine with Geographic Information System to geographic view.

Contact our professional team to provide the best IoT solution for your business!

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