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ecFAMS Fixed Assets Management System


  • Show the resigned staff list
  • Show item transfer request list
  • Show item transfer expire list

System data administration

  • Item category maintenance
  • Supplier category maintenance
  • Companies maintenance
  • Site maintenance

Fixed asset item maintenance

  • Support item barcode
  • Support item expiry date
  • Support depreciation
  • Support item photo
  • Item status changes
  • Link item with location/site and staff
  • Search item by owner, holder, location/site, category, etc.

Fixed asset transfer and status changes maintenance  

  • Transfer multiple items together
  • Support review, approve and reject flow for transfer
  • Transfer history
  • Support status changes

Staff maintenance

  • Maintain staff telephone list
  • Maintain staff resign status


  • Create report by selected staff and site
  • Export report to excel file

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Item transfer history
Create item
Item transfer