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Generic application features

– Real time tracking
– Multiple device communications
– User access right control and asset groping
– Support multiple geo-fencing
– Export reports to excel and csv
– Support GoogleMap, ESRI ArcGIS, 天地圖 and Stoneroad ecMap

Elements to be personalized

– Company logo
– Starting and default language
– Initial map
– Local time zone
– Self-defined alerts base on different events
– Email address for alerts


GPS Trackers

– Hardware independent
– 2-way communications
– Custom I/O definition
– Custom icons for each asset

Self-defined events

– Unlimited number of self-defined events
– Enter/leave geo-defined events
– Engine ON/OFF
– Start/End journey
– Doors, air condition, etc.
– Auto email alerts


– Speeding report
– Cost analysis report
– Driving behavior report
– History reply report
– Engine On/Off report
– Temperature report
– Fuel usage report
– Etc.


Highlighted functions

– Access the project detail on your Android phone
– Finish your inspection check list in faster way
– Take photos of the inspection process with location tag
– Record time and the location taken for login and logout
– Totally integrated to your existing system
– Easy to use Web page interface for create project and check list
– Suitable for:
1) Construction Inspection
2) Quality Assessment
3) Project progress assessment 4) Etc.


Electronic signature capture

ecTrak POD allows your customers to sign for their deliveries with their finger. Signature are uploaded in real time to your account on Web base.

Simple delivery order integration

You can upload your order data in a csv file, setup an integration with your existing system or using our Web interface to create your orders.

Take photos of deliveries

A photo proves all, ecTrak POD allows your delivery personnel to snap a photo of deliveries and returns so you have even more proof

Keep track of drivers

ecTrak POD tracks drivers through the delivery day so you can see exactly when packages get delivered and how efficient you drivers are.